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He Yunyi

Let the real life begin...

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What is a He Yunyi?

He Yunyi
Pronunciation:huh yoon yee

This was my Chinese name that I used during my study abroad in Beijing 2003-2004 (when I first started this journal)

*What the critics are saying about heyunyi!

"Oh look- its the les mis girl that whines and squeaks a lot."-imptail

"you are super!"-tunadawg

"Oh, I just found out you're 22. You're so amazing. I wish I were like you. Really."-_zingara

"I like HeYunyi for some weird academic reason. I like people who think in her manner."-gerbilsage

"She has failed to prove she lives a life based on something other than proud, willful ignorance."-larzmachine

"U are my favorite person."-globox

"Yeah, well I still think you're a hippie...Sheesh. What a commie." -ricochet_rabbit

2007 at the taj mahal

Les Misérables is Love

my pet!

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