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16 November 2010 @ 12:39 am
Costa definitely is viewing the world through a mother/baby lens.  Not only do planets come in mother and baby sets, so do vegetables!  This evening he was watching me chop an onion and then some garlic.  He pointed to the garlic and declared "baby".  I asked him about the onion, and as I had suspected, the onion had been designated as the "mama".

The wind is blowing so hard here that I've already made plans on how I will escape from my house should it be blown over onto its side (though I've only figured out how to escape from one side, if it blows over on the its other side I think I will just be stuck).
I wonder if you're mythologizing me like I do youuppity_heathen on November 16th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
That is so cute!

It reminds me of the time when we were looking through target and Dagny saw a the smaller vacuums next to the big ones and declared they were the baby vacuums and momma vacuums.